Window Security Top Tips

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When it comes to selling points on your house good security can be essential.

People tend to focus on their doors far more than their windows as potential entry points for a thief. The harder you make it for a thief to target your property the more likely they are to move on and find a less secure home to focus on. Therefore, window security in the home is essential so be sure to follow our top tips to ensure your windows are not letting down your home security.


window securityFirst things first if an opportunist thief can see into your home easily and spot valuables due to lack of blinds or curtains you could be at risk. Consider looking at your home as a thief would and make the necessary amendments to improve privacy. Be sure you never leave house or car keys near windows in plain view.


If you think your gardening plans have nothing to do with your home security think again! Shrubs, trees and trellis climbers located near to windows could all be used to climb up or hide in so think carefully before you plant. You can use your front garden to your advantage by planting thorny shrubs which may act as a deterrent, especially to an opportunist thief.

Single Glazing

Single glazed windows in your property can be vulnerable as they are easy to identify and to break, if you are not able to replace single glazing with double glazing consider laminated glass replacements as a more security savvy option. Laminated glass is constructed from two separate pieces of glass which are bonded together with a sheet of laminate. Laminated glass will not shatter in the same way as a single pane of glass will and could therefore act as a deterrent to a thief attempting to enter your property through a seemingly unsecure window.

Double Glazing

When purchasing double glazing for your home ensure it is not purely the handle which stops the windows from opening, each window should need a key in order to unlock it. Often it is not possible to install additional locks to double glazed windows once they are fitted due to the material used. Fitting window locks could also potentially damage the window frame so ensure a suitable locking system is fitted by your supplier at the time of installation. Talk with your supplier about your safety concerns before you make a purchase and always be aware of the British Standards when making your final choice: BS 7950 for security performance.

French Windows

Keep in mind that the lock which secures one door into the other will only ever be as strong as the door itself. To add extra protection consider fitting mortise bolts to both the bottom and top of each door, if you opt to do this yourself remember that the bolts need to be fitted to go into the frame itself not the other door.

Installing Locks

All the windows in your property should be fitted with a good quality lock appropriate for the type of window, a locksmith will be able to give you specific advice if you are unsure what kind of lock to use. When installing a window lock use a soldering iron to carefully drip a drop of solder on to the heads of any screws; this simple step will prevent an organised thief from unscrewing the lock after making an entry hole in the window itself. This security measure can be easily implemented on all existing locks too of course!

Once you have taken the time to improve your window security, be sure to follow the most basic rule of all....shut and lock all the windows when you leave the house!

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