Window Matters: Blinds, Curtains or Shutters

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Different Types of Blinds

There are numerous different types of blinds, each with different levels of functionality and aesthetic appeal. In general, blinds are available in multiple colours, patterns and fabrics, and it's very easy to find a blinds that match your new décor.

Roller blinds are a very common, affordable type of blind. They're simple to use, operating by a pulley or drawstring system, and are often made from either a stiff fabric, or rattan and other pliable natural materials.

Venetian blinds are another popular choice, which feature slats that allow greater control over the amount of light let in and the amount of privacy offered. Cheaper Venetian blinds tend to be made of metal and are common in offices, but more aesthetically appealing wooden versions are also available.

Vertical blinds are usually used on large windows that reach the ground, such as in a conservatory or over French windows. They're composed of wide, vertical panels that open sideways, and can be used to control light and privacy.

Roman blinds are made of one large piece of fabric which folds up over itself in horizontal flaps when the blind is raised up. They're thought by many to be the most aesthetically pleasing types of blind.

Different Types of Curtains

There are fewer variations to consider when it comes to curtains, as all curtains work in roughly the same way: large pieces of fabric that are drawn apart sideways.

The good thing about curtains is that they're available in countless different colours, patterns and fabrics, and are very easy to fit and use. However, they don't allow for a great deal of control over privacy, sunlight or insulation - they're either open or they're not.

Different Types of Shutters

Shutters are generally considered a very stylish option for homes, with great ornamental appeal. They can often be angled to allow different amounts of sunlight in, while still offering privacy and ventilation. Shutters don't come in as many variations are blinds or curtains, and are usually made from vinyl or wood.

Not commonly seen in the UK, exterior shutters offer windows excellent protection against the elements, and so are particularly useful in windy and stormy areas. They also add an extra layer of insulation to the home, and more security.

Whichever you decide to have fitted, you'll need to weigh the functionality and usefulness of the window coverings against the aesthetic appeal and how well they suit your newly decorated home. Another important factor to consider is whether or not you'd like to have blackout window coverings - these completely prevent light entering the room, and are particularly useful in bedrooms that face South, although they're not necessary in most rooms.

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