Why choose Bifold Doors?

Published by Tim Cork on in Product Spotlight

Updating your home is an exciting experience. Whether it's choosing a new colour of paint for your living room or extending that old lean-to, watching your vision become a reality is a satisfying period. If you can't afford to extend or you simply want to open up a room, bifold doors are an attractive and long lasting option.

Commonly known as concertina or harmonica doors in America, bifold doors are now often used in place of the older style French windows due to their appearance, maintenance, safety and ease. Unlike the older versions of bi folding doors, the technology used throughout their design and build has come a long way and they are not only attractive but also glide easily along their rungs.

A bifolding door system is very low maintenance. Whereas French windows were traditionally made from soft wood that could be accidently dented or stained, modern bifold doors are normally made in aluminium. This metal allows them to be strong but also easy to keep clean. Aluminium only requires a quick wipe down to remove dirt or a dust down with a duster.

As well as being easy to maintain bifold doors are also a hugely practical fitting. They are built to neatly stack on both or one side of an aperture when opened as well as allowing groups of people or large objects to move from one space to another. They are often utilised to open a room up into a garden thus letting an abundance of light and fresh air lending themselves to parties and barbeques. French windows or the sliding patio doors that were popular several years ago were impractical for things like this as they were clunky and could be affected by high winds.

Bifolding doors have also evolved to be a safer option in the modern day. The way that bifold doors are constructed creates what is essentially a glass wall, however, this mean that an area of your house is exposed to the elements of nature and needs to be tough. The glass used in bi folding doors is strong and weatherproof and provides a much higher level of security than sliding patio doors or traditional French windows.

Above all, it is the appearance of bi fold doors that are making them such a popular option. Not only are they sophisticated and easy to use, they look fresh and modern. Having said this, they can be adapted to suit their surroundings and work well in barn conversions as well as new build properties.

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