White Woodgrain Sash Windows for that Classic Look

Published by Tim Cork on in Product Spotlight

White woodgrain sash windows combine the chic painted look of wooden windows with hard-wearing and energy efficient uPVC.

Woodgrain is for homeowners who want the classic sash window look with a more reasonable price tag and less maintenance.

Installing uPVC windows means no more scraping, sanding and painting to keep windows looking good, while serious maintenance problems like rotting frames, warping and draughts are banished as well.

Easy to fit and simple to maintain

Homeowners can also forget worries about uPVC windows spoiling the period look of older houses and cottages.

Technology has moved on with modern windows displaying elegant soft contours showing off the woodgrain detail that adds a touch of class to complement and enhance even the most traditional home.

White woodgrain sash windows not only look good, but offer great performance. Replacement windows are safe, secure, weather-proof and manufactured to the highest energy compliance standards.

Fitting is no problem - no expensive scaffolding is needed.

Once installed, glass and frames are simple to clean with easy-to-operate tilt back for cleaning mechanism that make even upper floor windows accessible from inside.

Authentic sash window style

Yet they come with a price tag that is a fraction of what homeowners would expect to pay for wooden sash windows handmade and fitted by joiners.

Many homeowners who opt for uPVC sash windows - in white woodgrain or plain pvc-u - are pleasantly surprised by the authentic style they lend to their properties.

Made-to-measure uPVC replacement sash windows look as good as painted wooden windows on any home.

Don't just take our word about the look and benefits of white woodgrain sash windows, check out a sample by contacting You Choose independent window brokers for a consultation.

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