The benefits of vertical slider widows

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Vertical slider windows are a great replacement for the more traditional box sash windows but they also have a whole host of benefits that make them a great choice for new builds as well as more period properties. When searching for a window fitter, try looking in your local area for ease of appointments, for example if you live in London try your local borough such as Kent or Greenwich.

Far from the old style windows that were mainly only available in either white or pine, modern vertical slider windows come in a range of colours including Light oak and Rosewood, white woodgrain foiled finish and cream woodgrain foiled finish.

Also updated is the mechanism used to manoeuvre the vertical slider up and down. Previously there were two ways in which a sliding sash window could work: single hung or double hung. A single hung sash window could only ever have one panel manipulated, whilst the other remained static. This allowed some ventilation and reduced the chance of moving parts becoming damaged or functioning poorly. In many single hung window styles, it is the lower pane which moves but in comparison the new style can be positioned at an angle (pointing inward toward the room) in order to enhance ventilation and enable cleaning access.

The double hung option was allowed both halves of the window to move independently of one another. Using a pulley-and-weight counterbalancing system, these designs allowed a high level of ventilation to take place, as hot air naturally escapes through the top gap, whilst cold air is drawn inward via the bottom opening.

However, the new style vertical slider windows have an improved mechanism with an enhanced system in place. Weights and pulleys have been superseded by sophisticated spiral balances, and a unique tilt facility to enable cleaning of sashes safely from the inside the property as well as maximum ventilation.

Vertical slider windows are generally made of UPVC making them not only a low maintenance option but also a highly cost effective one. Their versatile look means that they suit a wide variety of homes and can provide an authentic sash window finish or a contemporary modern look depending on its surroundings. The major draw with box sash windows is their inexpensive price tag.

The increasingly popular vertical slider windows are easy to both install and maintain, ensuring no additional scaffolding costs are incurred with installation and their tilt back cleaning mechanism makes them simple to look after.

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