The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

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Coming into the commercial domain in the late 20th Century, aluminium windows have seen a recent surge in popularity due to new technological advances, which mean that aluminium frames can now reach new possibilities in terms of design and structure. These technological advancements in aluminium window frames mean that they have gained an increased share in commercial window application.

There are many benefits in choosing aluminium frames for your windows and doors, not least their sheer strength. Aluminium windows offer greater security, their strength means the have the greatest levels of protection against air infiltration, water penetration and structural integrity.

There is also extra flexibility in the possible aesthetics of an aluminium window frame as the extra strength to weight ratio means the less material can be used. They can therefore be created with slimmer frames, providing alternative presentation for windows.

The aesthetical possibilities don't stop there; aluminium is easily moulded in to any requested bespoke shape and can be painted to any colour. Aluminium window frames are also less likely to warp or rot and resist surface denting, as there are more resilient to the outside elements and do not absorb water - unlike traditional materials.

Aluminium window frames are easy to maintain, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth, and are a cost effective alternative to consider when replacing steel windows. When ordering Aluminium windows, Surrey based window specialists, You Choose provide all aluminium window installations with shootbolt espagnollette locks as standard, for top security.

Horizontal sliding aluminium windows are available, as are casement windows. Aluminium window frames work well on light commercial properties, such as schools, local authority buildings, restaurants and shops, but are also available for residential properties where required.

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