Soundproof Windows and Why your Building needs them

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Ah, noise. It's one of those things that can really, well, keep you awake at night (literally).

There's nothing worse than tossing and turning due to the shouting and screaming annoying neighbours, crying children or police sirens - if you happen to live in London this is a major problem!

However, there's always a solution for everything; the best option is to invest in soundproof windows for noise control.

Here's a guide as to how YOU can benefit from soundproof windows and why your building needs them:

What is a soundproof window?

A soundproof window is a second window placed behind your window that opens and closes like the current one. This is a major advantage as it means you don't have to actually replace your windows fully. There's some clever engineering work involved, as they represent most of the benefits of dual paned replacement windows and also have other benefits. These windows also act as a sound barrier, with such an addition reducing sound levels by 75-95 percent. While many assume the walls are the problem, in fact more than 90 percent of noise from outside comes in through doors and windows. Only in very noisy environments or where the construction of the walls is questionable do walls play any real role.


Soundproof windowsSoundproof Windows also behave as dirt filters, preventing dust particles from building up. They can therefore help protect working environments and ensure equipment such as computers and furniture don't suffer from a build up of dust. These windows also behave as insulators, as the air trapped between the two acts as an insulating layer. As well as this, soundproof windows can help protect items in the property from temperature and humidity changes.

Lower Utility Bills

One benefit is that utility bills can be reduced by some 30 percent if soundproof windows are installed. This reduced maintenance is thanks to the lowering of use of the heating/cooling systems, particularly in the cold weather!

Great Marketing Angle

Soundproofing gives you a massive advantage if you're looking to rent out or sell your property. This is because people prefer quiet, calm environments and to feel that their property is secure. They also don't want to spend their time complaining all the time about the noise, as it's time consuming. This in turn ensures there is less stress in the house in general and gives them peace of mind. And it's also a great asset if you're looking to promote the features of the property to would-be buyers or tenants and could boost your property's price or allow you to rent it out at a higher rate than if you didn't have soundproof windows.

We hope that this information helps you to understand the advantages of soundproof windows and why your building needs them. It's definitely worth installing them for your own peace of mind and of course for a great Return On Investment!

Need new soundproof windows? We can replace your old ones with steel windows, sliding sash windows, bifold and sliding patio doors throughout all postcodes in London, Surrey and Kent


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