Replacing Sliding Sash Windows

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Whether you've just moved to a new property or have lived with sliding sash windows for a number of years, there are a variety of reasons why you might look to replace your sliding sash windows and, more importantly, a number of key considerations when doing so. Let You Choose help.

Benefits of Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

Replacing Sliding Sash WindowsMany older houses will have traditional wooden sliding sash windows which are considered by many to be the most visually appealing of all window styles. Made from soft or hard wood, traditional sliding sash windows use natural resources and have been, until now, the best way of maintaining the look and feel to a property or group of properties.

One way of improving traditional sliding sash windows is to add double glazing. You Choose's various double glazing options come with superior quality seals - meaning less heat and sound penetrate through the windows. However, adding double glazing is not always possible, for example if you live in a grade II listed building you are likely to face restrictions.

Another benefit of sliding sash windows is that it maximises the space that glass occupies in the window as it sits level with the inside of the bricks: compared with casement style windows which sit on the outside of the bricks.

Finally, one of the main reasons sliding sash windows became so popular (from the 17th century onwards) was from the ventilation benefits it offers to a room. Warm air passes out the top sash as cool air enters the room from the bottom sash.

Drawbacks of Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows require maintenance and, if neglected, can suffer with problems such as rot and swelling and warping of the sashes. If the sashes do change shape over time it can mean that the windows will rattle in windy conditions.

Cleaning sliding sash windows has always been difficult, usually requiring a professional cleaner for all windows above the ground floor, incurring additional expense.

Also, because of the space required in order for the sashes to slide, sliding sash windows are not always the most effective windows in stopping or reducing noise.

Finally, traditional sliding sash windows are a premium solution and therefore require the most investment.

Why You Choose offers Traditional and Alternative Sliding Sash Windows with a difference

For some of our clients, maintaining a strictly traditional look and feel to their windows is vital. That's why You Choose takes real pride over our wooden sliding sash windows.

However, for others it's the benefits of sliding sash that are important.

For this type of client we suggest our new white woodgrain upvc sliding sash windows: this new alternative to sliding sash windows can cost up to 60% less than its wood counterpart, with many people struggling to identify the difference between the two when handed samples of each.

And, because You Choose can install acoustic glass, noise reduction can improve by up to 20%.

Maintaining our upvc sliding sash windows has never been easier as a new tilt-back mechanism means cleaning is made even simpler. Further, for properties above the ground floor You Choose's white woodgrain upvc sliding sash windows can be installed without the need for costly and disruptive scaffolding.

And as we've listened and learnt from out clients, we are now able to offer these benefits with our hardwood sliding sash windows meaning installation and maintenance is made as simple as possible; whichever style of sliding sash our clients choose.

You Choose's Installation of Sliding Sash Windows

Unlike many of our competitors we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. For example, once the white woodgrain upvc sliding sash windows are installed, our team of experienced fitters will then add new wooden architraving (mouldings which are fitted around windows and doors) adding a paint finish exactly matching that of the window's white woodgrain finish.

For further information regarding You Choose's attention to detail and trustworthy installation please see our client testimonials or contact us to learn more.

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