Stepped Look Heritage
  • 7 Part Stepped Look

    7 Part Stepped Look

  • Corner Bay Stepped

    Corner Bay Stepped

  • New Triple Stepped Look

    New Triple Stepped Look

  • Stepped Rectangular Wooden Subframes

    Stepped Rectangular Wooden Subframes

  • stepped Equal Sightlines

    stepped Equal Sightlines

  • Stepped Look Triple

    Stepped Look Triple

  • Double and Triples

    Double and Triples

  • Triple Window Equal Sightlines

    Triple Window Equal Sightlines

  • Stepped Look White Subframe

    Stepped Look White Subframe

  • Replacement Stepped Look

    Replacement Stepped Look

Stepped Look Heritage Windows

The stepped look heritage window is an aluminium slim and authentic window that replicates traditional steel windows.

The stepped look window can be fitted into existing or new timber frames, direct to brick or into stone surrounds, as it comes in either an equal leg or an odd-leg profile.

Double glazed 24mm sealed units come with argon gas filling, planitherm coating and warm edge spacer bars.

For the typical art deco or georgian look, flat overlapping astragal bars can be added including duplex bars in the sealed units to create the illusion of separate panes.

The polyamide thermal break provides high thermal efficiency.

Option of dummy butt hinges or working butt hinges to match originals.

The opening windows (sashes) are internally glazed and if equal sight lines are incorporated in the design then we can fit these windows from the inside without the need for scaffolding even on a high block of flats! This is a huge advantage for a large project especially when all residents do not want to do the work at the same time!

Welded corners are available on request for even more authenticity.

Handles are available in art deco or our favourite slimline chelton handle which is a flush handle and is particularly suitable if you have internal blinds, as they do not interfere.

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