Gemini Aluminium Steel Replacement
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    New Gemini Bay

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    Gemini Dormer Window

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Gemini Aluminium Steel Replacement

You Choose are proud to offer their new Gemini window Steel lookalike product.

If you're thinking of replacing your old single glazed steel windows and want that same look, as close as possible to steel site lines, then you may have been disappointed in the past. Previously the only way to have the same sight lines of steel

was to have a new double glazed steel window.

But now there is a new generation of steel look alike windows available. The Gemini window is made from aluminium, and is the slimmest thermally broken A-rated metal window available.

This window has already been approved by conservation officers and planners and if you're keen to have an A-rated steel replacement window, but concerned about the planners, then the Gemini window could be the answer.

It comes in a range of styles including a typical art deco style, incorporating putty line horizontal astragal bars.

Extended welded hinges come as standard on all side opening casements, giving a very authentic look.

It also comes in a range of RAL powder coated colours to suit you.

The corners are welded as standard, so the finish is much neater than a traditional aluminium window.

Although original steel single glazed windows look great they often suffer from condensation and eventually go rusty, needing regular painting and refurbishment.

Because the Gemini steel replacement window is made from aluminium, it will not rust and because of its unique GRP thermal break it is A-rated and therefore less likely to suffer from condensation.

For more information about steel replacement windows, visit

And, if you wish to learn more, see product samples or arrange a free consultation, contact You Choose windows today.


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