Steel Replacement Windows
  • New Putty Line Bay

    New Putty Line Bay

  • 5 Part Putty Line Window

    5 Part Putty Line Window

  • Gemini Dormer Window

    Gemini Dormer Window

  • New Putty Line window with astragal bars

    New Putty Line window with astragal bars

  • Gemini windows in Wooden Subframes

    Gemini windows in Wooden Subframes

  • Stepped Look Bay

    Stepped Look Bay

Steel Replacement Windows

Original steel windows are single glazed and are usually found on older buildings. Our replacement steel windows can offer a more cost effective solution than replacing like for like original windows.

We now specialise in replacing steel window (including Crittall® Windows*) and have many different product options to suit your property and budget. All of our aluminium steel replacement windows are double glazed and incorporate a thermal break which greatly helps to reduce condensation and improves thermal efficiency.

You Choose understands windows. That's why we recommend you a number of ‘best fit' solutions for your property. However, there are situations where only one best fit solution exists.

Replacing original windows with uPVC windows does not work very well because the chunkier profile then looks wrong.

If you wish to know more, are unsure about the windows your property currently has or want to see sample of replacement steel windows, or sash windows contact You Choose today.

Our new Royale Steel replacement window is the slimmest depth steel replacement window on the market with ultra slim sight lines and is B-rated.

Our Gemini Steel lookalike product is for anyone thinking of replacing their old single glazed steel replacement windows and want to achieve a look very close to steel site lines. This window is made from aluminium, and is the slimmest thermally broken A-rated metal window available.

Our Stepped Look Heritage is designed to be very slim, thermally efficient and secure.

Our Putty Line Steel replacement product is particularly suited to a direct fix option (without a wooden subframe) and can incorporate clip-on putty line astragal bars, which closely replicate many original steel  art deco properties.

And, if you wish to learn more, see product samples or arrange a free consultation, contact You Choose windows today.

*Crittall® is a registered trade mark of Crittall Windows Limited which is unconnected to You Choose (The Independent Window Brokers) Limited

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