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White Woodgrain Sliding Sash with Accoustic Glass

This was another client that was keen on replacing original wooden sliding sash windows with a hardwood double glazed product, with a view to improving heat loss and to filter down the noise in their lounge.

As they couldn't afford to do all the windows at one time, they were particularly keen to find a product that would "blend in" with the original windows.

Again they were very pleasantly surprised by the white woodgrain PVC-Uproduct and replaced the five windows in their lounge.

We also put accoustic glass in their double glazed units, which meant the noise reduction was even better.

And, if you wish to learn more, see product samples or arrange a free consultation, contact You Choose windows today.


We have a large Edwardian home in Wimbledon with lots of original features, including the wooden sliding sash windows. Over the years, we found these windows increasingly cold and drafty and decided to replace them. We researched several timber replacement window companies, and also contacted, Tim Cork, of YouChoose on personal recommendation.

Because we wanted to retain the period look of the original windows, we were only considering wood. Tim showed us samples of wood and, despite our reservations, their new white woodgrain pvc-u sliding sash. We were surprised and very impressed with the look and quality of the woodgrain pvc-u windows. Because we were not planning to do all the windows in the house at the same time, we had to make sure that the new windows would blend in with the originals.

We started with the sitting room and decided to use the woodgrain pvc-u with acoustic glass, because the room was noisy, as well as cold. We are absolutely delighted with the results. The room is warm, quiet and the windows look great. We get lots of compliments on the windows, but the one that surprised us most, was from an interior designer friend who said ‘Alice, I would never have let you install pvc windows in this house, but these look great. I'm really impressed'.

The fitters, Matt and Neale, were very professional and friendly.

Needless to say, we are coming back to YouChoose as we gradually replace the rest of the windows. We recommend them to everyone who is looking for replacement windows.

Mrs Alice Wood
Wimbledon, SW19

28 November, 2009

And, if you wish to learn more, see product samples or arrange a free consultation, contact You Choose windows today.

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