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  • Tim Cork, Owner & Director of You Choose

    Tim Cork, Owner & Director of You Choose

About You Choose!

Back in 2002 there was a gap in the market that You Choose sought to fill. People wishing to find the best products and most reliable installation for their home improvements would experience the same problem. Each company only promoted one product; their product.

Tim Cork, founder of You Choose, believed people wanted an independent service that would search the market for the best and most reliable products and installation, without the need for getting 3 separate window companies to visit you, the client.

And so You Choose began.

Tim says "There was a real issue of trust. Customers wanted to view more than one product but were faced with a distinct lack of options from most companies, and so ended up having to invite three different companies into their house just to get what they hoped would be a reasonable cross section of the market.

When you buy a house and you want a mortgage, you go to a mortgage broker, you get independent advice, the broker searches the market and finds the best deal to suit you and you generally go with their advice, as they're independent.

So I decided to do the same in the window market and that's why we call ourselves Independent Window Brokers. We continue to search the market working with a large network of preferred suppliers delivering our clients the best possible products. Effectively we're doing the research on behalf of our clients and then presenting the most appropriate solution to fit people's taste and budget.

But here's the best bit, once you decide to use our service, your contract is directly with ourselves, so no need to worry about dealing with our suppliers, we do it all for you!"

Even though You Choose do not manufacture, we quickly realised that installation was best done in house and established our own fitting teams to benefit from increased trust and reliability.

Almost 14 years on and the fitting team personnel has barely changed; delivering high quality surveys and professional installation in a timely and trusted manner. Why not take a look at our testimonials section to see what our customers have to say about our service and fitting?

To learn more about our entire product range, from aluminium steel window replacements to French doors, see product samples or arrange a free consultation, contact You Choose windows today


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